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What Would A 'Pitch Perfect' Wedding Look Like For Bumper & Fat Amy?

Pitch Perfect 2's Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine on Fat Amy and Bumper's Sexual Chemistry

After a long, arduous wait, the Bella Bardens have returned to the big screen with the release of Pitch Perfect 2 on Friday, May If you haven't already seen the highly anticipated Pitch Perfect 2 , then I'm going to take it upon myself to issue a standard disclaimer that what you're about to read contains a few spoilers from the aca-awesome film. If you want to dip out right quick and catch the next showing of Pitch Perfect 2 before reading on, then by all means go check it out. Conversely, if you don't mind the spoilers, I can at least rest easy knowing I gave proper warning. Moving right along While the first film's romantic arc was focused largely on the too-adorable-for-words relationship between Barden Bella Beca Anna Kendrick and Treblemaker Jesse Skylar Astin , the sequel pays tribute to a spicy - albeit hilarious - coupling between former Treblemaker - and, apparently, former personal assistant to John Mayer - Bumper Adam DeVine and Barden Bella Fat Amy Rebel Wilson. Although Bumper made a couple romantic advances toward Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect , which included him saying "I feel like we should kiss," we all remember Fat Amy's rebuffs, which included the line: "I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm, better not.

This horrifies the world including Obama and humiliates the Bellas. Things get worse as Fat Amy turns to face the audience and in turn, unwillingly shows off her private part. News come on later, saying that Fat Amy has given the President a birthday present "from down under". She is dating Bumper Allen and is in love with him.

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Fat Amy is the first Bella to be introduced to Emily Junk. When Emily explains that she wants to join the Bellas, she sadly tells Emily that they aren't doing auditions.

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Fat Amy is a confident and cheerful person. Despite being overweight, she is not easily ashamed.

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Instead, she embraces that she is hot. She is comedically sarcastic towards the other Bellas; she is always teasing Cynthia-Rose for being a lesbian, sarcastically comments that Lilly does not need to shout after speaking at an audible level, and says "we know" after Stacie confesses she had a lot of sex. She is also sarcastic towards the more popular people, like Chloe, when she says Chloe's nodes were God's punishment for being a ginger. She is easily angered for brief moments, as she attacks the Tonehanger members, is verbally angry with Bumper after being thrown at by a taco, and jumps on Chloe and Aubrey.

However, her confidence actually hides other things she is ashamed of; such as her original name being Fat Patricia. Above all of those things, she genuinely loves her friends and is a loyal friend by herself.

Life Lessons from Fat Amy

Fat Amy and Bumper are usually seen fighting and bickering. One of which is when Bumper insulted her during the Aca-Initiation by calling her the most disgusting human being he's ever seen. Bumper does mean things to Fat Amy such as insulting her, hitting her chest with a microphone, and throwing a burrito at her from the bus.

Fat Amy also does openly insults and comedically threatens him like saying "I'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake". However, both of them also shown to be interested in each other when Bumper thinks they should kiss and that Fat Amy also unexpectedly revealed that she has Bumper's number.

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In the sequel, Bumper becomes Fat Amy's boyfriend. It's revealed they are in love with each other. In the third movie, he is now her ex-boyfriend as talked about her break up with Bumper as she mentioned him supposedly not being over Fat Amy by having a tattoo of her on his butt to see her whenever he can. Fat Amy is the first Bella who realize that Cynthia is a lesbian, and immediately tells Aubrey about it.

After the regionals, the Treblemakers exceed expectations once again by winning first place.

Pitch Perfect 2: Fat Amy & Bumper - We Belong

After leaving, though, the Treblemakers -specifically, Bumper- picked a fight with some older a cappella singersin which the Bellas got involved.

In the midst of the confusion, a glass window was broken and Beca Mitchell was left to take the blame. Later, on their way to the semi-finals, the Trebles spot Fat Amy fueling up the Bellas' bus and Bumper shouts and throws a burrito at her, though they later returned to pick the Bellas up after their bus ran out of fuel. It is implied that Fat Amy contacted Bumper to pick them up. At the ICCA semi-finals, the Treblemakers continue their winning streak, taking first place and advancing to the finals once again.

It is obvious that The Treblemakers are expected to win the finals by everyone. However, just days before the finals, Bumper pulls out of the group, announcing that he is chosen to be a backup singer for John Mayer. As he left, the other Trebles briefly shares their dislike towards Bumper's actions. He is quickly replaced with Benji Applebaum.

Are bumper and fat amy dating in real life

Bumper returns to Barden University as a security guard after he graduated from college. Again, he exchanges insults with Fat Amy, but their relationship seems to be casual, as they are implied to secretly hook-up several times. Later, it is shown that he is in love with Fat Amy. He set up a date for her where he asked her out but gets rejected, as Fat AMy states she doesn't want to be "tied down".


The next day, he was seen with the other Trebles talking at the camp ground, only to have Fat Amy who realized that she is in love with him as well come back for him. He was reluctant to do so at first but he eventually gave in and made out with her on the camp ground, making everyone run away.

After this, they officially started dating each other. The judges, specifically Adam, indirectly discourages him. He picks Christina Aguilera as his mentor. Please help the Pitch Perfect Wiki by expanding it with more information.

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Bumper is the leader of an extremely successful all-male a cappella group, The Treblemakers, and his arrogance comes at no surprise. It first rears its ugly head when Benji Applebaum first introduces himself as a fan, after which Bumper rebuffs him, indirectly calling him weird. Bumper is also a capable leader and a talented singer, as it is mentioned during the regionals that he has gained enough fame to successfully launch his own line of sports sandals. Though it is shown how close he is to the rest of the Trebles, Bumper is also extremely self-centered, as when he was contacted by John Mayer to perform backup, he leaves the Trebles without a second thought just days before the championship.

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Watching her in "Pitch Perfect" and "Pitch Perfect 2," she has taught many life lessons by who she is: 1. Embrace your body and love yourself. Laugh at yourself.

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May 16,   In Pitch Perfect 2, we find out that Bumper and Fat Amy have been casually hooking up for who knows how long, but Bumper would like to be exclusive. In a . Jul 15,   Fat Amy, or should I say Fat Patricia, is truly a role model. Watching her in "Pitch Perfect" and "Pitch Perfect 2," she has taught many life lessons by who she is: 1. Embrace your body and love yourself. As we all know, just by hearing what she calls herself, Amy is not the thinnest girl in the world. This does not stop her in any Julia Delesdernier. May 13,   The two had that kind of elementary flirting thing going on in the first film, but the chemistry was undeniably there, so I wonder if actors Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine are friends in real .
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