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At first he does not trust Ren and asks Fabia for her side of the story after the comes to Earth. Together they expose Ren for the liar he is and the brawlers side with Fabia at which point he is given the real Ventus Hawktor that Fabia gave him. When the brawlers head to Neathia, Shun helps restart the second defense shield by switching Bakugan with Dan and heading to the generator. The mission is a success, but it is later destroyed by Barodius and Colossus Dharak.

Shun returns again in "Mechtanium Surge" as co-captain of the Battle Brawlers. In episode 7, Dan disappears and Shun loses his cool as the new captain of the Battle Brawlers.

Julie forgets things easily, proving that she is a little scatterbrained at times. In the Japanese version, Julie spices her speech with American phrases, differentiating her personality from the others. She adores Dan, and by "adore", we mean "make out adore". This is why she's jealous of Runo, but eventually gets over Dan and becomes best friends with Runo.

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Instead, she ends up wooing Billy Gilbert, her childhood friend. She is a Subterra battler and her guardian Bakugan is her Subterra Gorem. Gorem then evolves into Subterra Hammer Gorem. Julie has a sister named Daisy who has bested her in everything since she was a child. She reached 8th in the rankings. She chose not to brawl against Zenoheld in the final showdown as Gorem did not want to put her into trouble. She returns in Gundalian Invaders as a neighbor of Dan's once he moves. She works at a cafe and in Revelationit is revealed she is a cheerleader for the team Jake plays for.

This strongly suggests she is already in high school in her first year with Dan. She's believed to be about 16 years old. Her role is basically that of a supporting character. Julie returns in Mechtanium Surge as a news reporter. Near the end of that season, Julie is killed alongside Runo and Mira when Mechtavius Destroyer levels Bakugan City, but her death is prevented when Dan, Shun, and Marucho use the Current of Time to go back and destroy Mechtavius Destroyer for good, before he could carry out his murderous intent.

Although she knows almost everything about the game, she rarely plays it; she is generally afraid of hurting others, including Bakugan.

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She usually just gives advice to the other brawlers, which she prefers over battling. Alice is kind and caring, worried forand compassionate towards others and does not think of herself.

She also adores Shun. Alice was sometimes unconsciously possessed by "Masquerade" her mysterious alter-egoand with a sudden jolt, her auburn hair spikes up and turns into a golden blonde as well as becomes slightly shorter and straighter, and clothes and a mask come out of nowhere on her, and finally, she turns into a male. This was caused by her exposure to the Silent Core. Alice might seem to be less important than the other brawlers, but in fact she plays an important part, not as Masquerade, but without her, the brawlers might have already lost her to her alter ego.

Michael Gehabich is her grandfather; who she constantly worries about after finding out that his alter-ego is the monstrous Hal-G and that he works for Naga. Alice and Marucho are the 2 brawlers who mostly use strategy. However, unlike Marucho, Alice gives her strategies to the other brawlers. She left the Brawlers after finding out that she was Masquerade out of intense guilt over what she had done as him, as well as fearing the Battle Brawlers will have a deep grudge against her, but later returns in time to save Dan in the form of Masquerade.

Her guardian is Alpha Hydranoid, which she received from Masquerade after he bid her farewell and left her body something she initially resents, because she believed that she needed him; although Masquerade's presence will always be in her, as he is capable of communicating to her through her mind. Alice is also shown once with Masquerade's shadow instead of her own. After that, she initially begins to battle more, with her Darkus attribute, which she inherited from Masquerade. She either has a crush on Shun or Lync.

Alice has a special ability that most brawlers wish to have, she can see the power level of any bakugan on the field even if the bakugan is not playing. That is why she does not have a baku-pod. She might have this ability because of Masquerade.

She ultimately ends up at 2nd place at the end of the series. It is still unknown if Alice is an orphan. In New Vestroia it is stated after Alice is reunited with Hydranoid, that she hates brawling because of what happened in the past, but when Shadow attacks in Shadow Attackshe has no choice but to fight back with help from Chan Lee.

In the first season, it was revealed that due to an unknown health condition, he basically lived in a hospital for some time. During this time, the Brawlers thought that he was working for Masquerade, because somehow, Masquerade knew every location they set foot, although this was because Alice was a Battle Brawler, so she knew where they were.

After Dan confronted him, he told Dan that he would only tell him the truth if Dan could beat him in a battle. In the middle of the battle, Joe fainted, and when he awoke he revealed that the brawlers' theory was untrue and he actually sent a message to all of the Bakugan players around the world to warn them that Masquerade was plotting against them. After the truth was revealed, they asked him if he wanted to become a Battle Brawler, which he gladly accepted.

He then revealed that he and his mother were going on a road trip for the time being, to see the world outside of the hospital. Sometime later, after he moved to the Brawlers' neighborhood, he found Wavern, who had the Infinity Core hidden inside of her. It was also revealed that Wavern was Naga's twin sister and that he was looking for her in order to absorb the infinity core.

After he obtained Wavern, Joe was the first person to beat Masquerade in a one-on-one battle. He has a powerful presence, because he's big for his age. He's very calm, but can get overly excited and obsessive. He is a Subterra brawler and his Bakugan partner is Coredem. He is just starting out as a brawler and still was asked to join the Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

He really admires Dan and likes to use his name and rhymes it with other words like, " Dan the Man with the big, brown van. Later on when the brawlers are on Neathia Jake gets kidnapped and brainwashed but as of episodes 34 it looks like Jake is coming back to his senses.

But in Dream Escape he has a dream where Dan is shouting his name and it is then that he comes back to his senses and goes back to Neathia with the others. Gunz has blond hair, wears a gray, with red lining, jumpsuit.

His eyes are violet. He thinks of himself as Dan's greatest opponent, and has a somewhat cocky personality. He is a Haos brawler and his partner is Reptak. However, he was lost since Wiseman Cometh. In Battle Suit Bashhe was revealed that he was captured by Wiseman and that he was absorbing Gunz's energy as well as stealing his appearance using vines. He later freed himself in Enemy Infiltration. He later took on the Wiseman persona himself after Coredegon stopped using it, becoming a second Wiseman and vowing vengeance against Dan for turning Reptak against him.

He was defeated and later abandoned the persona in Doom Dimension Throwdownjoining the Brawlers and reuniting with Reptak. The Bakugan Brawlers' Resistance' is a resistance movement that opposed the Vexos. Among its members are:. At the end of Surprise Visitorshe along with Baron travel with Dan back to his world.

In UnmaskedMira challenges Spectra to a battle and if she's victorious, Spectra will be unmasked. If she loses, however, she has to join the Vexos, and even battle against her own friends. She told herself in the beginning that her hero was always her brother, Keith, but forced herself to change her mind about it after Spectra unmasks himself in front of her, revealing that he was her 'hero'.

Baron described her as 'intense'. She betrays the Brawlers in Family Ties as she says that she wants to stay with Keith, once telling the others on Earth that Spectra is her brother.

She returns to New Vestroia through the portal Apollonir opened with Spectra, Gus and Lync after revealing her betrayal. In Beta City Bluesshe reveals that she has joined the Vexos, but is really wondering what Spectra is up to. In Brotherly Love she challenged her elder brother to a battle and if she wins, she goes back to being with her real brother and not Spectra. However, if she loses, she will have no choice but to work for and obey Spectra.

She later lost the brawl. She is regretful of this as she says, "I'm sorry, my friends" after the battle, and is also seen crying as she has no choice but to be an enemy to the Resistance that she herself had founded.

She later returns to the Resistance. She returns to Vestal with Ace and Baron and their Bakugan, in case the Vexos will want to take back New Vestroia for themselves in the future. Following the defeat of Zenoheld she returns to Vestal with her older brother, Gus, and the rest of the Vestal Resistance.

She also has a brother that she desperately wants to find after he disappeared during Hydranoid's rebellion. Although she is the leader, she is not necessarily accepted by the others, as she has a small tendency to go off on her own.

She prefers the Subterra attribute. She has a crush on Dan and is presented several times: in Six Degrees of Destruction where she tried to see if Dan would notice her change in hair style and in Reunion she was extremely sad to the point of crying when she thought Dan was caught in the explosion and upon knowing he survived she jumped into Dan's arms hugging him.

It was also the main reason for Ace's hostility to Dan because Ace has a romantic crush on Mira. Mira returns in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge where she helps the brawlers by creating powered battle suits for their Bakugan. She is among those killed by Mechtavius Destroyer near the end of the season when he destroys Bakugan City, but her death is prevented when Dan, Shun, and Marucho are able to go back in time and destroy Mechtavius Destroyer before he could attack Bakugan City.

He is often very rash and does not think things through. As revealed in episode 13, Ace was once a top brawler in the Vestal tournaments, but stayed away after Hydron used them to find strong brawlers. Mira approached him, invited him to the Resistance, and gave him Percival. Ace first shows his skills as a brawler when he battles Dan in the second episode of the series: Ace refuses to accept humans on the Resistance and challenges Dan to a battle to prove his skills. After three hours, the battle ends in a draw and the two become fast best friends.

In Return of a Friendhe and Mira had an argument because Mira wanted to postpone destroying the dimension controllers and find her brother, however, Ace refuses to allow her to go because he fears of the dangers she may face.

After Mira and Baron went to Earth with Dan, he worries about Mira and when he hears her voice in the night, which was really Shadow Prove who was leading him into a Vexos trap, he tries to save her, which further proves his love for Mira. In What's the Plan? However, on the edge of defeat, they put their differences aside and Ace works together with Shun after realizing he was just trying to help.

Shun remarks that he is very much like Dan. In Voices in the Nightafter falling for the Vexos trap laid out by Mylene, he loses in battle to her and becomes a hostage.

After Marucho and Shun are also captured, they are relocated to Beta City, where they are freed by Mira and Spectra, though they are unaware of this. When he's told that Mira betrayed the Resistance he refused to believe it due to his feelings for her and gets a little violent by grabbing Dan's collar, but accepts it as the truth when Baron insists Dan's telling the truth.

Mira ends up betraying Gus and Ace tells her he always believed in her, Mira smiles happily at him and is glad to be back on the resistance. While Baron searches for an apartment to move into, Ace helps out but is ambushed by Mylene. He nearly loses but is saved by Klaus. Ace travels to Earth with the Resistance to hide out from the Vexos and protect the Attribute energies. While in hiding, Julie develops a crush on him after watching him work out. When Marucho invents Bakugan Interspace, Ace is set to battle Billy, but also challenges Julie so as to not "get in between the two love birds.

Due to the rigged field, Ace and Marucho lose and the Darkus energy is taken. After destroying the BT System, Ace returns to Earth with the Resistance and witnesses Dan's ultimate battle with Spectra, in which he decides to turn over a new leaf.

After Keith becomes an official member of the Resistance, Ace becomes jealous of the time Keith spends with Mira. But Julie and Percival assure him that Keith and Mira are only siblings and that Mira is just happy to have her brother back. Originally, Baron fought with Tigrerra, but lost her to Spectra and Helios. In Surprise Visitorhe says that he had always wondered what it would be like on the other side of the portal, which was the portal that led Runo to New Vestroia from Earth.

In the end, he decides to follow Dan, Mira, and Runo to Earth in order to stop the Vexos from destroying it. Baron admires Runo as one of the six original Battle Brawlers but Runo's father does not like the fact that he does.

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He returns to New Vestroia with Dan through Dr. He seems to be very fond of the activities done on Earth, especially by Dan e. Baron was defeated helping Dan and Drago, but he still was able to keep Nemus. He returns to Vestal with Ace and Mira with their Bakugan, in case the Vexos will want to take back New Vestroia for themselves in the future. Baron is currently 12 years old, confirming this in the English version by saying, "I'm almost 13 ya know!

He seems to always embarrass himself in front of Dan, Marucho, and Shun. According to Mira, he has a poster of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers up on his wall. From what was shown in Revenge of the VexosBaron has a large family and is very caring for his many younger brothers and sisters. He is the youngest and most emotional of all the brawlers.

At the beginning of the series, Spectra Phantom would only serve under and obey Prince Hydron. Little was known about Spectra, but it confirmed he is very powerful and thinks highly of his skills as a Pyrus brawler. After seeing Drago's powers, Spectra said that he's not going to let it be a 'play thing', which means that even when he captures Drago, he will not give him to Prince Hydron.

How he became Spectra is unknown. He also wished to join forces with Dan and the Resistance so they could take Prince Hydron down together in an attempt to rule New Vestroia and Vestal. When he, Gus and Lync traveled to Earth, Mylene took over as leader. Dan defeats him and a corrupted Drago during their brawl with the help of Pyrus Apollonir. In episode 19, he convinced Mira to join him.

He needed her help on his "ultimate plan", which was creating a Cyber Helios and duplicating the power of the Perfect Core, planning to use this Bakugan to overthrow the Vestal royal family. In episode 24 he took several Mechanical Bakugan for his own purpose of making Maxus Helios to defeat Dan. He does not return to Vestal, but he remains in the other rim of the planets area in a ship with Gus, Helios, Elico, Vulcan, and Brontes.

Spectra appears again in Spectra Risesbattles Dan, and loses, but nevertheless says he will see him again soon. As shown in Spectra Riseshe used the forbidden card "Chaos Ability X" on Elico, Vulcan and Brontes, which forced their unnatural evolution, making them his battle weapons. During their battle, Spectra seems to have a change of heart, referring to Dan as his friend in thanks for enlightening him.

He reveals shortly that using data on Bakugan evolution, he plans to bring out even further power from within the Bakugan. After they arrive at the Mother Palace, he states that the Resistance is on their own in shutting down the BT system.

After confronting Zenoheld however, Gus is defeated and Spectra soon forms a temporary alliance with Dan to avenge his fallen comrade. After the Pyrus attribute energy is absorbed and the BT system begins to activate, his ship is used to transport all of the bakugan on New Vestroia to Earth. When time begins to run out, and the Resistance decides to bail out while they still can, Helios leaves Spectra and confronts Drago about staying to evacuate the remaining bakugan.

The two decide to head off and destroy the BT system, and after Drago evolves by absorbing the attribute energies, Helios and Spectra once again become Dan and Drago's rivals before leaving New Vestroia. But in the end of Spectra's Last StandSpectra agrees to join Dan and the Resistance and takes off his mask, becoming Keith once again. It is shown in the same episode that like Mira, he may have some sort of telepathic ability, as he spoke to Dan and Drago in their own minds from a distance.

Spectra has returned in the fourth season, Bakugan Mechtanium Surge. He was first seen in the shadows receiving a distress call from Marucho who was fighting against the rampaging chaos bakugan, although Marucho and Shun were surprised that Spectra came to help they were still glad.

Spectra left afterwards but not before telling Dan that he has changed from the old Dan. Spectra and Helios returned to help the brawlers again when they were fighting against Mag Mel on Gundalia and before they left Spectra said they had nothing left to worry about over the brawlers. When Dan thanked the two of them for helping, Spectra said they could call on him anytime. She is the younger sister of Serena Sheen, the former Neathian Queen.

Fabia's reason for brawling is to save her planet from the Gundalians. She seems to have the same kind of love for freedom and initiative to act as Mira does. She also seems to be strong, because she shoulder threw Dan twice in episode 3, the first was by accident and the second was when she got mad at Dan after losing, and in episode 10 when Zenet tried to take her as a hostage and Fabia threw her hard on the ground.

Those incidents may prove Ren Krawler's statement about the Neathians' specialty at close combat, although most of what Ren said was a lie to put down the Neathians.

After she becomes the new Neathian Queen in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, following her sister stepping down from the throne, she gives Aranaut to Captain Elright. Rafe is a new character in Bakugan: Mechantium Surge. He is the new Haos Brawler of the Battle Brawlers. Rafe was disappointed when he and Paige discovered how much the Brawlers had changed with Dan and Drago gone but he never gave up believing in the Battle Brawlers.

He is an alien disguised as a human sent to find the best brawlers and defeat the Neathians. Ren comes from the underground world of Gundalia where he was kept, unknowingly, by the Emperor's family due to his possession of a dark Bakugan with a powerful ability.

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He is a member of the Twelve Orders because he thinks that would save his people if he works for them. He is attempting to trick the brawlers into thinking that the Neathians are the ones trying to conquer Gundalia. His Bakugan partner is Linehalt.

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He makes an appearance at the end of the final episode of New Vestroia. He has a battle with Dan, which ends up as a draw. In Confrontation Ren shows too much care and loyalty to his home planet. It's possible that even if Ren and Marucho are current enemies, they still share a big friendship thread.

It also seems Ren does not want to fight the brawlers because he still remembers their friendship. After Sid, Lena, Jesse and Zenet were punished by the Twelve Orders, Ren feels incredibly guilty over what has happened, especially since he has gotten off Scot free each time.

While he was fighting with Dan, he was surprised to see that Sid is alive and is relieved to hear from him that the others are alive as well. Sid saves Ren from Dharak's attack and falls to his death, not before giving Ren his Rubanoid. After some serious thought and battling with Dan, Ren decides to turn on Barodius and do something he should have done a long time ago: fight alongside his true friends.

At first, the Neathians do not accept him, but after battling Fabia, where he lost, Fabia offers him her hand and he goes with the Brawlers. He is now one of the Castle Knights. After the war is over Ren returns to Gundalia along with his teammates and Nurzak.

Shun and Alice - Love Story

Voiced by: Annick Obonsawin. Paige is a new character in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. She is the new Subterra Brawler of the Battle Brawlers. Paige and Boulderon like to charge head first into battle. When Paige first met the Brawlers she was unimpressed with the way they acted and couldn't understand why Rafe looked up to them.

Later though Paige changes her mind and figures out why Rafe looks up to them when Marucho comes up with a plan to win a competition. Paige later admits she may have been a bit too hot-headed with her first judgement of Shun and Marucho.

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Hal-G is a man with green skin and white hair who was the alter-ego of Alice's grandfather Michael after he was exposed to the Silent Core just like Alice, who became Masquerade. He assisted Naga in his quest to get the Infinity Core from Wayvern. At the beginning of the first video game, Hal-G said that he had the Silent Core and all Bakugan would bow to him.

At nearly the end of the game, Hal-G reappeared after the player defeated Marduk at the Tournament a second time, showing the Silent Core to them, but stolen by Marduk's Bakugan Vladitor. He is a Darkus battler. He is revealed to be Alice in episode 38 and his origin is revealed in episode Masquerade came to life when negative energy changed Alice when she was exposed to the energy of the Silent Core alongside her grandfather Michael.

He battles with Dan in episode 38 and loses. After that, Masquerade takes his mask off, revealing his true identity, Alice. Following the battle against Centorrior and Druman, Masquerade disappears from Alice's body. The central villain of the second season. The King of Vestal and a leader of the Vexos.

He is the one responsible into invade New Vestroia, capture the Bakugan and them to fight each other to create Mechanical Bakugan as his own weapons. In the first half of New VestroiaZenoheld had little interaction with the Resistance or the Vexos. The only time he appeared was when he nagged Hydron for not taking better care of the Dimension Controllers. He seems to be impatient with him due to his constant failure.

He will also check in with him and make sure that he is still on the right track, although Hydron shrugs his warnings and discipline off, as he thinks he is doing fine without his father's constant nagging. In the second half of New Vestroiahe flees Vestal and resides in his palace on the outer skirts of the galaxy that is remote from civilization.

He is revealed to be a brawler and he sends a message to the Six Ancient Warriors to surrender their Attribute Energies to him so that Professor Clay can power up the Bakugan Termination System. They decline his offer at first, but then they decide to battle him. After a tough battle, Zenoheld comes out victorious, but the Ancients escaped and entrusted their Attribute Energies to the Resistance.

After hearing the news of the Attribute Energies being dispersed throughout New Vestroia and Earth, he entrusts Mylene Pharaoh with the duty of picking another Subterra Brawler to replace Gus in the Vexos.

Soon after Mylene and Volt come back from brawling, he sees a transmission from Spectra, saying that the Vexos, Hydron and Zenoheld himself were responsible for the mess in the previous season.

This causes him to send Shadow Prove to seek out Dan and the others so that he will get the Attribute Energies first. But when he does, he realizes Spectra jammed the transporting system, making it impossible to travel to Vestal and back. This infuriates him, knowing that he is up to something.

He wins and proves himself to Zenoheld. However, Gus and Vulcan survived the final blow. However he does not brawl until Hydron loses to Dan and Spectra. He wins but Farbros was destroyed and he takes the Pyrus energy from Cross Dragonoid. When Cross Dragonoid brings the B. System into the atmosphere and absorbed all the Attribute Energies from it Zenoheld was furious and was eventually going do something about it.

In Fusion Confusionhe takes his frustration out on Hydron demanding to know whose fault it was for the destruction of the BT System. After Professor Clay told him about how he could rule over all dimensions he had Clay create the Alternative Weapon to destroy Earth and Vestal. He battled against Hydron to see who would have the throne, and won.

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Hydron was then jailed, along with Gus Grav. Zenoheld stated that they were never destined to be father and son. In Ultimate Weaponhe battled Spectra, who rammed into his palace. During the entire battle he was losing, even with Assail Farbros, because later Gus joined Spectra. However, when Farbros combined with the Alternative, he overpowered both of them. Hydron then used Dryoid to trap Zenoheld until the Alternative explodes, supposedly killing all three.

He is currently mentioned by Dan in the season 3's introduction first fourteen episodesand also appeared in the next video game, Defenders of the Core along with Spectra and the other Vexos, excepted Hydron and Clay. He also appeared in Facing Ace with Alpha Hydranoid. Professor Clay is also credited for making the Cyber Bakugan that were intended for Prince Hydron but are being reprogramed for Spectra by Lync.

He also oversaw the test run of his creation Farbros in King Zenoheld's battle with the six Ancient Warriors. Hydron was the commander of the Vexos, the Vestal Prince and Zenoheld's son. He tried collecting all six of the fighting Bakugan that saved Vestroia and keep them as trophies. The Vexos continually failed to bring him Drago, the last of the six fighting Bakugan needed in his collection, as he had already in possession of Gorem, Preyas, Tigrerra, Skyress, and Hydranoid in a petrified statue form.

He is shown to have a habit of twirling his hair between his fingers. In episode 17, he may have been aware that Spectra had Drago in his hands.

Bakugan: Ultimate Crime

He attempted to kill Spectra due to Spectra's betrayal but failed due to Spectra's own determination for power. He lost the six fighting Bakugan to the Resistance in Reunion. Volt defeats Hydron in a brawl, but Hydron starts to go insane and throws a dimensional grenade at Volt to send him to another dimension. He is almost pulled in with Volt, but escapes in the nick of time. He then throws another dimensional grenade at Lync to send him to the same dimension as Volt.

When he returns, he is looking for his father's approval, but Zenoheld ignores Hydron blaming him for his minions' failures. This causes Hydron to face his father. When he does, he loses and is put in a cell across from a shadowed figure, which is possibly Gus from the figure's blue hair. In the next episode, it did turn out to be Gus, and they had a brief conversation before the opening.

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Gus later tricks Hydron, after a string of dog-related insults on Gus's part, into brawling with him. This breaks the doors on the cells releasing both. Before flying off, Gus says that he could have asked Hydron nicely but that would probably not work only further angering Hydron. He is later seen making his own, escape attempt on Dryoid. He makes it to the ship with the other Bakugan Brawlers.

They forgive him and he is presumed that he was killed after ensuring that his father will not escape the blast from the ALternative's destruction. His last words were "Volt, Lync, I'll be there soon. Mylene is the only female in the Vexos. She did not trust Spectra and enjoys doing things her way, but is still a loyal member of the Vexos.

She becomes the leader of the Vexos after Spectra and Gus travel to Earth. However, King Zenoheld later became the ruler of the Vexos. She defeated Ace in episode She enjoyed the power of being the leader of the Vexos and, like Spectra, is tired of Prince Hydron bossing her around all the time.

She also gets annoyed easily by Shadow Prove, who will not stop following her everywhere she goes. She escapes New Vestroia with Volt, Shadow, and Lync, saying that it could be destroyed by the battle between Spectra and Dan and their Bakugan, discarding her guardian Bakugan together with Volt's Haos Brontes, as she thinks that Bakugan with feelings are useless.

She than went to Earth with Lync to draw out the brawlers. They found Runo and Mira and battle them. Mylene defeats both Runo and Mira, thus gaining the Subterra energy. She later goes on to defeat Shun and Baron alongside Volt, taking the Ventus energy. After Zenoheld's announcement to create the Alternate Weapons System that would destroy both Vestal and Earth, she appears when Volt was about to leave, warning him about his idea. When he leaves, she wishes him luck, and appears saddened when she hears what happened.

She no longer serves Zenoheld and has named herself a free agent. She loses to Mira and her mechanical Bakugan is destroyed. In the end, she rejects the Brawlers' offer to join them and instead throws a dimensional grenade at Keith and Mira. Marucho made a connection to bring them back, so Mira told Mylene and Shadow to come, but Mylene refuses to go. Mylene than got pull by the dimensional pull until Mira and Keith grabbed her hand, but accidentally let go her as Mira and Keith were teleported and Shadow grabbed Mylene's hand as they both were pulled in the dimensional portal.

Her fate is unknown. Shadow is a Darkus brawler. He is very childish and jester -like. When he starts a battle, he is very pompous.

Mylene described him as a child in episode 3, and then a hyena in episode He has the ability to copy other people's voices as he tricked Ace and Marucho into falling for a trap by being the voice of Mira and Dan respectively.

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He has a habit of sticking his tongue out every time he talks or laughs. He defeated Shun in episode But soon after, he is forced to leave Vestal with the other Vexos after the citizens of Vestal rally against Zenoheld and Hydron. Shadow does stalk her disguised as a werewolf before she battles him.

In episode 35, he joins with Prince Hydron to battle Marucho for the Aquos attribute energy and succeeds upon defeating Elfin, but lost to Preyas. Shadow and Mylene are pulled into the dimensional portal while Mira and Keith were teleported back to Earth. Because of staying behind with Mylene, it could be guessed Shadow has an attraction towards her. His fate is unknown. Volt is a Haos attribute brawler.

He and Lync Volan are the Vexos' tag team champions, although they do not get along well together. He defeats Marucho in episode Although he was furious, he still left without Brontes, proving Mira's theory that he is brainless.

He makes his reappearance in Spectra Risesat first challenging Dan and the brawlers still in possession of Elemental Energies, but backs when Spectra appears, and Gus taunts him by saying he stole Brontes' soul.

It is shown Volt seems to believe in doing the honorable thing, saying, "I won't kick a man when he's down," after Dan defeats Spectra, and seemingly weakened by the battle. However, he is defeated by Gus. But Volt is defeated by the combined efforts of Shun and Baron. In Volt's Revolt Volt does not agree with King Zenoheld's plan to destroy all living things that stand up against him and returns home showing some of his past to the audience in the process.

He is shortly thereafter confronted and challenged by Prince Hydron, Volt wins the ensuing Brawl then starts to leave not before scarring Hydron by telling Boriates to nearly crush him. As payback, Hydron throws a grenade in front of Volt, which opens a dimensional port beneath him, sending him into a far dimension. As Volt sinks into the portal, he vows that Hydron will get what's coming to him for all the suffering he has caused innocent people.

Lync is a Ventus brawler. Altair and Wired are able to combine into Meta Altair. However, in Gate CrashersAltair and Wired were damaged beyond repair, and did not brawl for the rest of the arc. He was a spy for Prince Hydron on Spectra and Gus.

He and Volt Luster were the Vexos' tag team champions. He then gets defeated by Baron in episode He was stuck on Earth with Alice after rejecting Dan's hospitality. He is seen crying at the end of episode Baron called him 'a little weasel' in episode In the same episode, Gus calls him a snake.

He has his Gauntlet taken away by Dr. Gehabich in order to fix his dimension transporter without Lync realizing it although it would not have mattered, as his Bakugan were destroyed anyhow. Lync eventually makes it home after swearing loyalty to Spectra and when Prince Hydron asked him to spy on Spectra, Lync denies him and helps Spectra with his "ultimate plan". But he then betrays Spectra by locking up Gus so he cannot tell his master of Mylene's escape plan.

It is obvious he will do whatever is best for him going as far as to claim behind Hydron's back "You can count on me to do what's best for me. He reappears to battle Shun after Zenoheld launches a prototype for the Bakugan Termination System, but is defeated with the combined efforts of Skyress, and a newly evolved Ingram. He later brawls Ace and Marucho alongside Shadow, taking the Darkus energy. Lync does love Alice. It was this that finally caused him to leave the Vexos when Zenoheld declared that the alternative would be used to wipe out Vestal, Earth, New Vestroia may have been a likely target as Zenoheld had a grudge against the Bakguan, although it was not mentioned in the list of targets and anyone else that opposed him.

After Volt's departure and "demise" at Hydron's hand, Lync copied the Blue Prints of the alternative to give to Alice who would warn the resistance. He hesitates to speak to her, feeling guilty about his betrayal of her trust. However he resolves to speak to her. However Hydron appears on the scene Professor Clay had discovered that Lync had made an unauthorised copy, which Mylene overheard him saying, she reported the incident to Zenoheld, who sent Hydron after Lync and challenges him to a battle.

Lync puts up a heroic and close fight but Aluze is destroyed by Dryoid and he is banished with a death bomb by Hydron but not before throwing his glove with the data disk towards Alice's home, where she found it later outside, once the battle and its combantants had disappeared from the secene.

The central villain of the third season, and also a major villain in the fourth season alongside Coredegon. He was born to a family that has ruled Gundalia for a long time. He is the leader of the Twelve Orders that seek to conquer Neathia. He has been able to rule Gundalia due to his overwhelming strength and special ability to simultaneously execute battles. His sole desires are: to obtain the secret DNA Code from the Bakugan that possess it and create the most powerful Bakugan in the universe.

His other goal is to take Neathia's Sacred Orb so he can rule the universe. His Bakugan partner is Dharak. Gill is his longtime childhood friend and most trusted confidant, but when Barodius found out that Gill killed Kazarina, he had Phantom Dharak destroy both Gill, Airzel, Stoica and their Bakugan. His quiet and calm demeanour masks his hot tempered and devious nature. He is highly arrogant but also highly intelligent. Refusing to admit defeat, Barodius and Phantom Dharak start to take the power of the Sacred Orb only for Code Eve to banish them inside a flip world of Bakugan Interspace, thus turning them into Mag Mel and Razenoidalthough the Brawlers at first believed that the two had been killed after Dharak absorbed too much of the Sacred Orb's powers.

From that point onwards, he kept his desire to take the Gate and Key to control the Mechtogan and Bakugan in existence. He was killed in "The Final Takedown". Member of the Twelve Orders. She's a Haos Brawler. She is sly as she is cold-hearted and is always by Emperor Barodius' side. She works as the Director of the Bakugan Biological Research Center, where she secretly undergoes cruel living body experiments to heighten the abilities of Bakugan.

Her goal is to develop abilities that will rival the Neathians.

throw pearls

She is an exceptional scientist who has unraveled the mysteries of Bakugan evolution. She can also hypnotize others to do her bidding, as shown with Jake and Coredem. She is heartless and selfish, as she would sacrifice one of her own subordinates to use as a scapegoat without losing any sleep on it. Her Bakugan partner is Lumagrowl. Kazarina is killed by Gill in the middle of Broken Spell and her spell on everybody is broken.

When Lumagrowl hears about Kazarina's death, he leaves in sadness. His final, mournful howl over her death is heard echoing. He's a Pyrus Brawler. Gill is a calm, cool warrior who pledges his undying loyalty to Emperor Barodius. He had no parents when he was a child and was raised by the Emperor's family, seeing Barodius as an older brother. He will follow Barodius' orders without considering whether it is right or wrong. He is a teacher and trainer of Airzel, who shares a Spectra-Gus relationship with him.

This relationship is also shown between him and Barodius, with Barodius in the "Spectra" role and Gill in the "Gus" role reverse of his relationship with Airzel. It is shown that many times in the series he distrusts Kazarina, and he shares a mutual hatred with her, as well as fighting over Barodius's favor.

His Bakugan is Krakix. He first appears in Revelationwhere he and the rest of the Twelve Orders discuss on how powerful Drago truly is. In Battle For the Second Shieldbefore Lena leaves for Neathia with Kazarina, Gill tells her to watch her back around Kazarina, for she is loyal to no one but herself and would think of nothing of sacrificing one of her subordinates to save herself.

After reporting to Barodius, she runs into Gill, letting him know of Lena's betrayal, suggesting that someone may have told her what she had planned for her. Gill replies that she got lucky today, and that you never know who you can trust.

In Partners 'Til the EndGill and Ren planned on going to Neathia to take down the second shield, but Zenet disguised herself as Ren to redeem herself. But when Krakix thumped Ren Zenet on the head, she morphed back to her normal self. As she begged for a second chance, Gill allowed her to accompany him on this mission. Krakix took out the Castle Knights guarding the second shield. Then, Gill had Krakix scan the shield so they could destroy it on a molecular level. But when Shun and Hawktor swooped down on them, Gill had Zenet delay him while Krakix scanned the shield.

But as Contestir was about to shoot down Hawktor, he tricked him and Zenet into hitting Krakix. Gill jumped in and as he was about to finish Shun and Hawktor, Dan and Drago arrived on the scene just in time.

With the combined teamwork between Dan and Shun, Gill and Zenet lost and retreated. Just as Gill was about to punish Zenet, Contest spoke up for her and suggested to Gill that he should have someone loyal only to him, to keep an eye on the other members of the Twelve Orders, and volunteered Zenet for the role.

Convinced, Gill decides to try it out, so he has Zenet disguise herself as Nurzak to spy on Kazarina for him. Zenet reports back to Gill with information on Kazarina and Nurzak plotting to overthrow Barodius. Despite their excellent job, Gill and Krakix dispose of Zenet and Contestir, as they saw no further use for them.

As Gill volunteered to do away with these traitors, Barodius told him otherwise and that this information does not leave his room. Furious at Kazarina, Gill vows to take her down, one way or another.

In Mobile Assault Dharak suggests that they keep the Neathians busy with a wave of attacks of brainwashed battlers. He, Stoica, and Airzel lead the attack against the Neathians. He then asks Kazarina to resupply him with more battlers from Earth, so she has Ren go do it, and Gill has Stoica tag along with him. In Into the StormGill and Krakix defeat the Castle Knights and attack the third shield, but the third shield has a DNA barrier, preventing Gundalians from passing through the shield.

He then retreats back to Gundalia and reports his findings back to Emperor Barodius. Gill and Airzel begin to battle Marucho and Shun, who have fallen for their trap. When Gill is prepared to take on Shun, he surprises him by finishing off Airzel, but Gill defeats both Marucho and Shun. Before Gill and Airzel can take them away, Shun throws down a smoke ball, letting Shun and Marucho escape.

But Emperor Barodius orders him to stand down. After Dharak evolves, Barodius promotes Kazarina to his 2, infuriating a demoted Gill.

Barodius then orders him to come with him. After the Brawlers break into the castle, Barodius has Gill take care of them while he heads to Neathia with Lena, Zenet, and Jesse who are brainwashed. Once in the castle, the Brawlers run into Gill.

Krakix attacks them before they can even launch their Bakugan, leaving them vulnerable. Fortunately, Ren and Linehalt counter Gill's attack before it hits the Brawlers. The Brawlers then leave Gill to Ren. As the Twelve Orders reunite, they prepare to attack the Brawlers. Just as it seems that Gill has defeated Drago, he comes out unscratched. He did not go because "his ship was damaged by the Brawlers".

In Broken SpellKazarina, looking for her sword, finds Gill, holding her sword. Gill says they need to talk about things, but Kazarina just scolds him to stay in his place. Then Gill, using Kazarina's sword, kills Kazarina, telling her to watch what she says, for words have consequences. Just as he makes it to Neathia, Gill apologizes to Emperor Barodius for being late and tells him that Kazarina was taken down in battle by Fabia. But Barodius knows it was he who finished off Kazarina.

For his betrayal, Barodius has Phantom Dharak attack Gill, along with Airzel and Strikeflier, who try to protect him, but are all killed. He's a Ventus Brawler. Emperor Barodius and Gill recruited Airzel to be a warrior, and Airzel continues his battle training with Gill. He lurks in the shadows, to protect Barodius who chose him personally to be part of the 'Twelve Orders'.

Airzel is the leading expert in enemy surveillance and information analysis. He always takes matters seriously, which causes him to be annoyed by Stocia's laid-back personality. Airzel is the 1 trainer on the Special Bakugan Team. His Bakugan partner is Strikeflier. He is fierce, confident, and reckless. In The ElementAirzel reports to Emperor Barodius that they had captured Captain Elright, but his interrogation has not been successful. In The Sacred OrbAirzel battles against Shun, and having blended in with the surroundings, gained the upper hand.

In Decoy UnitAirzel volunteers to attack Neathia and take down the third shield, taking Mason with him too, as a chance to redeem himself. Just as Hawktor takes out Lumagrowl, Strikeflier sneaks up on him and Shun and finish them off.

Just as the Brawlers take their leave, Stoica and Airzel prepare to leave for Neathia, but when Stoica wonders where Gill is, Airzel tells him that the Brawlers damaged his ship and told them to go on ahead. After Kazarina's spell breaks, Stoica reveals that on the way to his ship, he saw Airzel and Gill talking about Kazarina. Airzel admits to Stoica that it was Gill that killed Kazarina, not Fabia, with Barodius listening in on them, thanks to Stoica's speakerphone being on.

In Code EveAirzel realizes that Barodius was listening in on his conversation with Stoica, who had his speakerphone on. Just as Dharak prepares to attack Gill, Airzel and Strikeflier fly to his ship to protect him, but are killed along with Gill by Dharak's attack. He's an Aquos Brawler. He has a split personality: one of an angel, the other the devil, which can change in a second, so turning your back on him is a very bad idea. Stoica is usually calm and pompous, but when he is irritated, he will need a lot to calm him down.

Stoica has lots of trick moves during battle and opponents have a hard time reading him. He has saved Gundalia many times with ingenious battling abilities.

He is the youngest member of the Twelve Orders. His Bakugan partner is Lythirus. He is the only member of the Twelve Orders to show his human form. Anxious and impatient, Stoica and Lythirius enter the battle. In Curtain Callas he and Kazarina try to blame each other for loss of the second shield, Stoica suggests they blame Jesse for their mistakes. Unfortunately, Jesse has escaped, so he sends Ren to go retrieve him.

Just as they are about to dispose of Jesse, Plitheon speaks out of wanting to leave Jesse. However, Lumagrowl and Lythirius subdue Plitheon for turning on his partner. After disposing of Plitheon, Kazarina and Stoica do the same with Jesse. While walking down the hall, planning their report for Barodius, Kazarina and Stoica run into Nurzak, who tells them that they may be able to fool the others, he can see them for who they really are. Then, Gill has Stoica go to Earth to recruit more battlers from Earth.

In Bakugan Interspace, Stoica and Ren, in their human forms, go to recruit new battlers, but Stoica leaves Ren to do the recruiting, while he goes searching for battlers in Bayview City. He then follows Koji, a battler, and persuades him into coming with him to Gundalia, so Kazarina can brainwash him Koji having no clue of Stoica's intentions, merely that he was going to get a chance to have a brawl.

As Kazarina and Stoica press on the attack with their Battle Gears, the ground under Fabia and Nurzak crumble, with them falling. They then find Fabia and Nurzak to survive their fall, thus continuing their battle. Just as they have got the upper hand, Stoica has Lythirius flood the battlefield, forcing Kazarina, Lena, Zenet, and Jesse the last three being brainwashed to retreat.

With Fabia and Nurzak to himself, Stoica, now underwater, blasts them, sending Nurzak down the current. Fabia leaves Stoica to Shun. Just as the Brawlers take their leave, Stoica and Airzel prepare to leave for Neathia, but Stoica stops to wonder where Gill is. Airzel tells him that his "ship was damaged when the Brawlers attacked and said to go on ahead", making Stoica suspicious. Stoica and Lythirius attack Dragonoid Colossus with acid bubbles in his eyes, blinding him in the process.

Voiced by: Rob Greenway. Anubias was the leader of the team of the same name and an artificial creation of Barodius whose appearance resembled that of a Gundalian. He was a Darkus Brawler. Anubias was a competitive brawler willing to fight at any challenge. Well not to many stories are being said about Alice so I decided to make one aout here where its her birthday and everybody is acting like they worship her, well everybody including Shun, Marucho, Dan, Runo, Drago, Tigrerra, Preyas, Skyress and so on.

Then when she got on the computor everybody was so so nice. Alice headed for the park she loved to swing when she was angry or sad. Were best friends! Oh and sorry about the fighting it was the only way to get you here. Why the heckwould I be jealous of you?!! Tigrerra: You have a point there Drago. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Fox Fire. About Bakugan: Fan-Fiction. Bakugan: Fan-Fiction Well, not too many stories are being done about Aliceso I decided to make one about her. Spinning around as he spoke. That was uncalled for! Mister hot -shot. Lets go go go people!! I love the taste! It would hurt someone else. Energy Drink-Part two. This was requested by some of the members I hope you enjoy. This is so lame! Come on a little energy drink does not make ths sort of thing happen.

Mister hot shot try it! Shun took the energy drink and slowly drank the rest. Shun what was that for? Exept for Shun Shun was staring at Alice with glossy eyes.

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