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Cory Monteith and Lea Michele Dating! (subtitulado)

Hey Lena, sorry for the late response. How are you three handling this now. It gets better and more "normal" with time. But this is really never easy. I myself used therapy and support from my loved ones to get through this difficult circumstance.

Do you think the children would benefit from therapy. My childrens father was just sentenced to 7 years no parole, should I tell my 9 year old daughter now or wait until his bond is revoked.

We have good news and we have bad news Bad news: this school is closed or no longer available. We have good news and we have bad news Bad news: the scholarship you were looking for is no longer available.

American sports a small, though charming and beautiful, campus.

Cory Monteith Talks Loving Lea Michele . . . on Glee

Scene of the students can be stuck up and talk about how they "got into Harvard, Georgetown, and Columbia, but got a full ride at AU", but overall most of the kids are down to Earth and friendly.

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