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Andi mack And Jonah beck Tell each other something ??????

Jonah Beck is a main character on Andi Mack. Jonah Beck is portrayed by Asher Angel. Jonah is popular, athletic, and friendly. Jonah is passionate about frisbee and will defend its status as a real sport. He is fun and positive and easy-going, says silly things like "docious magocious," and loves to tease. He was very supportive when he found out Andi's secret and even confronted his girlfriend for not respecting Andi and Bex.

He also asks Cyrus out on a double-date with him, Amber, and Iris. During the date, Jonah stays behind with Cyrus when he realizes that Cyrus is scared of the rides. Jonah is devastated when Andi tells him that she saw Amber with another boy. Instead of owning up to it, Amber uses Jonah's phone to text Andi, who runs as fast as she can to reach Jonah. According to Amber, this proves that Andi likes Jonah and therefore lied about Amber cheating.

Jonah tries to give Amber the benefit of doubt, implying that Andi misread the situation. This makes Andi angry at him for not believing her. He tries to apologize to Andi but she brushes him off. Jonah breaks up with Amber and isn't ready to date again out of fear of getting hurt.

However, after a talk with Cyrus, he gets the courage to follow his instincts and gets back together with Amber. Jonah is impressed by Bowie but Andi feels embarrassed.

When Jonah goes to Andi's house to ask her to join the team in watching the game videos recorded, he finds Andi going through his profile online. Andi gets embarrassed and hides from him. Cyrus enlists Buffy to help him look and act more manly to impress Jonah Beck. Later on, Jonah says that he likes Cyrus' usual look and he meant to say "U R Gnarly" but it got auto-corrected.

Andi Mack Dating 411: Asher Angel on JANDI and Peyton!

Jonah struggles to get Amber a birthday gift. He is so distracted that he even goes past Andi without saying hi to her, causing Buffy and Cyrus to think he's ghosting Andi. When Andi goes to talk to him, he reveals that it's Amber's birthday and he's stressing over the perfect gift to get her. She never seems to like any gift he gives her.

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So, Andi takes Jonah to The Fringe for gift ideas. Bex asks Jonah to give Amber makeup as a gift and then takes the opportunity to give Andi make up in front of Jonah, hoping that he will notice how beautiful she is.

Jonah says she's really pretty. Amber loves Jonah's gift but unfortunately doesn't like his card. She gives him a second chance by making him go back and write a more personal message on the card.

Jonah asks Andi for help and Andi promises to help him later. He tells her that she's a great pal and that doesn't sit very well with Andi. So, Andi hides from him. Jonah is left stressing over what to do with Amber's gift. Amber and Iris bail on their double-date with Jonah and Cyrus. Jonah tells Cyrus that Iris is giving him the silent treatment, revealing that Amber gives him the silent treatment all the time. Cyrus tells Jonah that the two of them should just continue with the date without the girls.

Jonah takes a lot of pictures with Cyrus while they're having fun together. They even buy matching jackets and plan to wear them together the following day.

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Cyrus puts on the jacket but Jonah refuses to wear it, saying that it makes them look like dorks. Cyrus walks away from Jonah heartbroken. He finds Andi and other students protesting against the unreasonable dress code and he's clueless what's going on.

Andi explains to him that they're wearing prison outfits to protest against the dress code because it's like being in prison. Jonah pays little attention and emphasizes on reminding Andi not to miss the Space Otters team photo. When Andi shows up for the team photo in the prison outfit, Jonah insists that she should change and put on the Space Otters jersey.

Andi tells him how important the protest is but Jonah insists on how important Space Otters is for him. So, Andi makes it simple: if Jonah can tell her why she's wearing the prison outfit, then she will change into her Space Otters jersey for the photo. Jonah can't remember. Andi walks away. When the protest causes the school photos to be canceled, Jonah comes to Andi and apologizes for being preoccupied with Space Otters.

He tells Andi that they're doing a retake of the team photo tomorrow and wants Andi to be there. Andi tells him that she doesn't want to take the photo with the team.

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In fact, she doesn't want to be part of the team at all. She only joined the team because of Jonah Beck. And she does everything Jonah asks her to do just because he's the one asking. She does so many favors for him including getting birthday gifts for his girlfriend, Amber.

Enough is enough. Andi needs to stand up for herself and go after what she wants, not what Jonah wants. Jonah asks Andi if they could still be friends after she leaves the team but asks him if they were ever really friends. Jonah is left confused and sad at the same time.

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Jonah is still very upset about Andi leaving the Space Otters team. To make matters worse, Amber's friends make fun of Space Otters, complaining that Ultimate Frisbee is not a real sport. Amber fails to defend Jonah. When Andi leaves the diner, Jonah follows her out. Amber tells Jonah that he only left because he likes Andi and Andi likes him back.

Amber tells Jonah if Andi looks back, it means she likes him but Jonah doesn't want to wait to see. So he leaves. Both Andi and Cyrus look back.

Jonah goes to Cyrus to figure out what's going on with Andi and Cyrus wants to help but Andi is not willing to let them like Jonah again. Cyrus tries to cheer him up by telling him about the Space Otters game but Jonah is too upset to even go.

So, he asks Cyrus to tell everyone on the team that the game is canceled. To end all the stress, Jonah decides to break up with Amber.

Is andi mack and jonah beck dating in real life

Amber blames Andi for "manipulating" Jonah into breaking up with her but Jonah says it has nothing to do with Andi and Amber is the manipulative one.

Jonah asks Amber to give back Andi's bracelet, the one she took away from him. Amber walks away, threatening Jonah. After breaking up with AmberJonah Beck returns the bracelet to Andi.

At first, Andi doesn't accept the invitation but Jonah asks her to think about it. Andi is later convinced by Bex to go to the party. After the party, Jonah tells Andi about the break up with Amber. He admits that he likes being around Andi. Andi gives him the bracelet back, saying that it belongs to him now. Later, Jonah finds out that Amber is now working as a waitress at The Spoon Diner and goes to talk to her.

Amber opens up to him about her financial and family situation. She tells him that her dad got fired and has been keeping it a secret. They don't have any money and she needs to work to help her family. She asks Jonah to keep it a secret.

Jonah accepts and hugs Amber to show that he still supports her. Buffy notices and assumes that Jonah might still like Amber.

So, she threatens Jonah to never hurt Andi or any of her friends. Jonah walks away, intimidated. Jonah goes to Bex 's apartment to give Andi her phone because she had left it behind in the cafeteria. Jonah offers to join Andi for the feast.

Andi tries to uninvite him to avoid the awkwardness with CeCe but can't figure out how. Jonah goes to change but comes to the party wearing a white shirt instead of a red one since he doesn't understand anything about the Chinese culture. Ham gives him a red shirt instead.

Jonah Beck

During the feast, Jonah struggles to avoid Andi's cousin Ronald the Magician. He also starts getting hungry because he hadn't eaten.

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But Andi tells him to wait for the festival rituals to end first. During one of the rituals to the ancestors, Jonah can't wait anymore. He reaches out quickly and grabs a dumpling, hoping no one notices.

Everyone notices. Jonah is embarrassed. He urges them to go back to The Spoon. He tells them that Amber is going through something difficult and could use friends like them. Jonah offers to teach Cyrus how to skateboard but Cyrus is scared at first. After Jonah mentions that he wants him and Cyrus to be able to skateboard together, Cyrus gets encouraged to put more effort into it. Unfortunately, Cyrus lacks control and balance.

So, he falls and gets hurt.

Nov 03,   Created by Terri Minsky, Andi Mack is a comedy-drama television series that premiered on April 7, , on the Disney Channel. It tells the story of Andi Mack who turns 13 years old just as Bex, her older sister, returns home. Andi is just another teenager dealing with life with the help of her friends, Cyrus and Buffy. Nov 07,   If you are anything like us over here at J, then the Disney Channel original show Andi Mack is one of your latest TV obsessions. And naturally, Asher Dov Angel - who portrays Andi's crush Jonah Beck in the show - is one of the reasons why the series has had fans hooked from the very start. We all met Andi's swoon-worthy classmate Jonah in episode one, when Andi's older sister Bex. Jandi is the pairing between Andi and Jonah Beck on the Disney Channel original series, Andi Mack. It has gone through a lot of dynamics through out the series. Andi and Jonah are portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Asher Angel respectively. Andi and Jonah's relationship starts as a one-sided.

Jonah calls for an ambulance and goes with Cyrus to the hospital. He also texts Buffy and Andi about the accident. Andi and Buffy confront Jonah for teaching Cyrus how to skateboard because he should know that Cyrus is very clumsy. It's his defining characteristic.

They're later relieved to realize that Cyrus only hurt his finger. Andi is finally ready to hold hands with Jonah but Jonah hasn't initiated the move first.

So, Buffy asks her to make the move. However, just before holding Jonah's hand, the two are separated by Dr. Metcalf into two different groups for a social experiment about injustice. Jonah goes to Group B which gets the worst treatment while Andi gets into Group A which receives special treatment. Andi tries to talk to Jonah while he's painting a wall but Jonah tells her she'll get caught. Jonah is starving the whole day until Andi and Cyrus break the barrier from their group to help Group A.

After the experiment, Jonah praises Andi for being so smart that she figured out Principal Metcalf's experiment. After the encounter, Andi holds Jonah's hand. It turns out Jonah has sweaty palms. Jonah finally invites Andi on a date. Andi is disappointed because she was hoping that she and Jonah would finally have a real date.

During the date, Buffy and Marty turn out to have more chemistry than Jonah and Andi. To make matters worse, Jonah trips and falls, hurting his lip. Andi laughs at him, thinking it's funny. Jonah is embarrassed, so he gets mad at Andi but denies that he's mad. Andi texts him but he refuses to respond and later lies that his phone died.

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Bex tells Andi to ask Jonah for the third time if he's mad at her. But just before asking him, Andi trips and falls. Jonah laughs at her.

They're even now. Jonah is cheerful once again. Jonah tells Andi that the girl from the other night is Natalie. She's the captain of the frisbee ultimate team at Peabody. And she's just a friend. Buffy and Cyrus later find videos of Jonah and Natalie at her pool party, making Andi wonder if they're just friends.

Both Jonah and Natalie attend a frisbee lesson by Furious George together. Buffy and Cyrus spy on them but can't find anything to report on. When Natalie invites Jonah to guest star in her YouTube video, Jonah forgets that he had promised Andi that he would go with her to a Grease sing-along.

He has a hard time choosing between Andi's thing and Natalie's video. He chooses Natalie's video.

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Her and Jonah have a tearful goodbye but him leaving made her realize that they're relationship didn't matter to her as much as she thought it did and that it would be better if they could just be friends. Even though they do not claim they are breaking up, they both feel that it'd be better if they stay friends and do not keep their relationship going.

Andi finds out that Jonah is dating Libby and is supportive of his new relationship. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? While this might be a far cry from his Andi Mack character, we have a feeling Asher is going to nail the performance.

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Asher will be acting alongside Zachary Levi, who will play his adult alter ego. The film will reportedly start production in early The director of the film, David F. Sandberg, is super excited. He posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "I was hoping to break the news about asherdovangel last week with this photo but had to wait a bit?. A post shared by David F.

How old is Asher Angel?

Sandberg ponysmasher on Nov 6, at am PST. Asher has been linked to his co-star Peyton Elizabeth Lee - and even sparked some rumors when he went to a Dodgers game with Game Shakers star Madisyn Shipman.

However, he doesn't seem to be dating anyone right now.

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Asher's character Jonah may have dated Amber, the popular high schooler, in the show - but IRL, he's into girls much more down-to-earth. You know, kind of like Andi. The actor began doing theater productions at a very young age and even landed some smaller roles before being cast as a lead in Andi Mack.

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