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When You Lose A Parent To Cancer

My mom died Oct. I don't feel comfortable with it and have expressed my feelings to him sometimes really emotional and sometimes calm and his response is "You don't get to decide whats right for me. He was married to my mother for 27 years. That doesn't seem like something you can get over in 1 year. Its not that I want him to be lonely forever, or not date ever but it just rubs me the wrong way after a year. I won't need to tell you what it's like watching a parent die of cancer

I hope the pain starts to ease for you and you have someone or something to help you.

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I am so sorry to hear about your dad. It is so hard isn't it. My dad lost a lot of weight and he really did look so poorly in the end. Sadly we never managed to get dad home as much as it was his wish to go home, he was just too poorly and died before we could move him.

my mom passed away from cancer at age 52 in late April she was my best friend and it was an awful couple of years seeing her hurting and in so much pain. when she died my dad was devastated. well, he started 'seeing' someone about 2 months after my mom passed. that was pretty tough for me to deal with, but i tried not be upset about it. i figured it was a way to distract himself from the. Dec 18,   Im wondering, my mother died 5 months ago, and her and my dad had been married for 40 years. He is already dating, and acting as if she was never here. They were very close, my entire life. I know how how hard it is to loose a spouse, I lost my first husband after 5 years of marriage, and I didnt date for a year, I didnt feel i was ready. Feb 08,   We lost our mom 3 months ago to primary liver cancer. I am 43 years old, my parents were married 44 years. They were happy and my dad adored my mom. My dad grieved terribly when he is found out her cancer was terminal, and he still cries when he talks about her. I know my mom will never be replaced, and he will never try to replace her. The bond of a marriage is strong.

I'm sure having you all around him at home gave him so much comfort. My dad told me he was scared and I simply replied with "your not on your own through this" I suppose no matter how hard it is for us it must be even harder for them.

I hope you and your family are ok. Im glad you have each other.

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I was so greatful to have my big brother by my side through out it all. Take care xx. Hi so sorry for your loss.

Losing A Parent: Understood

I lost dad four weeks ago and im still numb. Dont no how i should feel x.

My mom died of cancer and my dad is dating

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my mom died of cancer and my dad is dating after 5 months, is this normal?

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Not a member yet? Register now. Search for discussions or people. Cancer is terrible. I lost my mum to cancer 10 months ago. Miss her loads, but the pain does ease some what. I did see the doctor for help.

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My mum had ascites from the cancer, mum hated being drained. Didn't like the lack of sleep in hospital. It's very raw now and hope you have a good family to help.

I am very sorry to hear about your mum. It's just awful isn't it. I am lucky in that I have a great family and good bunch of friends around me.

But I hope you will in time. This spring, my boyfriend and I moved in together to our dream apartment in a beautiful brownstone. Everything has been perfect - except for one small hiccup.

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You tried to address the situation directly and failed. Turn this matter over to your landlord.

Dating can be stressful enough without your boyfriend facing the impending death of his mother. Dating a Man Who Is Losing His Mother to Cancer. By: Stacey Elkins What Can I Tell My Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Better If His Mom Is Dying? What Do I Do if My Boyfriend's Mother Died & He's Having a Hard Time Dealing With Her Death? What to. Sep 27,   Hi Rachel, I lost my dad to cancer 7 weeks ago and it was the most heartbreaking thing Ive had to deal with, he had prostate cancer which spread to his bones, he was 76 but never felt he was that old, its just so hard to see someone go from a strong healthy person to drop 4 stone and look so painfully thin and be in pain, we nursed dad at home. It's Bad Enough That My Mom Died. Now My Dad Is Dating Her Nurse? My mother died after a two-year battle with cancer. Her palliative care nurse (for much of that time) helped me wash and Founded: Sep 18,

Neighborly disputes are part of the job description. She got married to a man she had only known a couple days from an internet dating site.

Dec 22,   My mom died Oct. of and my dad is starting to date. I don't feel comfortable with it and have expressed my feelings to him (sometimes really emotional and sometimes calm) and his response is "You don't get to decide whats right for me." Right, I don't but isn't a year too soon. He was married to my mother for 27 years. That doesn't seem like something you can get over in 1 masterdatacompositeplugin.comers: 2. Sep 29,   As a mom who recently lost her mom, I would hope that the surviving parent's primary concern would be for the children, regardless of how old they are. My mom died last spring and my dad started dating after less than 6 months. My sister and I are grown with our own families, but this feels like the worst kind of betrayal to us.

So be careful and keep an eye on your dad he might be doing this all out of grief Going in a distant places usa is a good suggestion Grieving is rarely effortless and the discomfort never thoroughly is going away I agree.

I'm sure he is lonely and maybe your mom wanted him to find someone. I can only imagine how tough it must be for him. Besides at his age maybe he needs some "me" time for a change. Trending News. Ukrainian airplane crashes in Iran, killing Trump: 'All is Well' after Iranian missile attack. Pizza Hut parent company goes big on burgers.

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ate: its not so much that he's dating, i want him to be happy, and i know him and my mom had the conversation about after she died. Answer Save. Favorite Answer.

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Source s : My mom passed away 3 months ago at age 52 from breast cancer. No, you should not be upset. Keep your eyes open for red flags, but no, dont be upset.

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