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'Supergirl' Spoilers: Kara & Mon-El's Relationship - James, Winn's Feelings . TVLine

> The Full Story of Kara & Mon El [2x01 -3x23]

Alex and Maggie grapple with their differing stances on the holiday, Winn gets a hot alien date, and Kara and Mon-El almost become an item before Mr. Mxyzptlk steps in and almost ruins everything. As previously teased last episode, right before Kara and Mon-El were about to lock lips , Mr. Ruining the moment with more than just his timing, he declares his love for Kara, puts her in a wedding dress, and sends a nearly nude Mon-El to the D. At the D.

Mxy shows up and turns their guns on them and shoots, but not before Kara jumps in front to save them. Mon-El says the only way to stop creatures imps like Mxy, is to kill them, and Kara refuses, causing tension between the two.

They look out upon theres a chaotic crime scene with Parasite at the helm. Kara swoops in and tries to stop the monster, but he gets back up and knocks her out. Mon-El comes to rescue her, but the gigantic alien flings him clear across the street. While the boys bicker, Kara realizes that iMy was responsible for the Parasite atttack in the first place and Mon-El accuses him of settign this up to look like a savior to Kara.

So, that bad feeling you got before? Spot on. As expected, Mon-El is pissed that Kara sent him away. On a slightly different note, Kara finds out that in order to get Mxy to leave the planet, his name has to be said backwards. A feat that Mon-El claims is basically impossible.

Mon-El, who is determined the only way to get rid of Mxy is to off him, gets wind of a weapon that could potentially help him do so thanks to Winn. He grabs the weapon when Winn steps away and then challenges Mxy to a duel, Hamilton vs. Burr style.

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She tells him she wants to get married on Kryptonian soil, in the Fortress of Solitude and he agrees. He begs her not to marry Mxy. Like a very adorably but saddened puppy dog, Mon-El laments to Kara that he thought the super couple would be them.

Mxy does not take to that kindly and animates a gigantic ice sculpture of Jor-El to subdue her. This terrifies him and he begs her not to kill herself. When its all said and done, she tricks him at his own game to his great shock and dismay, and he gets set back to his own dimension.

To which I say, good riddance. He goes on about how she tricked the ultimate trickster without getting violent because she did it her own way.

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He also apologizes for being a jerk. James replies that she has not. Mon-El says that he only asked because he was studying Earthly customs but is looking at Kara intensely. A few days later, Mon-El is invited have the Thanksgiving dinner with Kara's family and friends. Later, that night, after a rough fight with Hank Henshaw outside Al's Dive Bar, he entered the bar again trying to help and as a consequence of that Mon-El was exposed to the Medusa virus, which was deadly to all alien species except for humans and Kryptonians.

Mon-El was then quarantined at the D. Kara risked her life trying to save his life like she does to all people.

Jan 24,   TVLine "superfriends" Matt Mitovich, Andy Swift and Vlada Gelman review "Supergirl" Season 2's (gradual) pairing of Kara and Mon-El. It didn't seem to me that she was very excited about the relationship itself, just that having a relationship is pushing Kara into new places. Continue this thread level 1.

Once he was stable Kara spoke with him and apologized as it was her birth father who created the Medusa virus. Mon-El told her that he didn't blame her or her father and then moved to kiss her without her consent before he passed out, saying that she was beautiful.

Eliza Danvers was able to extract a sample of the virus to create a cure.

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After he recovered, Kara wanted to speak about what happened he told Kara that he had no memory of his time being sick, so they didn't discuss him kissing her.

In the aftermath of the incident involving the virus, Mon-El became a bartender at Al's Dive Bar due to many aliens having been killed.

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Kara went to the bar to speak to Maggie about investigating the disappearance of Izzy Williams. Mon-El later visited her at CatCo and then decided to help her to impress her. Just as Mon-El and Kara are about to kiss, Mr. Mxyzptlk appears in her apartment and tries to woo Kara with his powers though Mon-El tried to stand in his way. When Kara tried to stop some thieves, Mxyzptlk arrived and made their guns fly off their hands, though he easily turned them on the thieves themselves and Kara just managed to stand in the way and stopped them from getting shot.

Mon-El, however, saw through the act and knew that he conjured the creature to try and 'play the hero'. Mon-El demanded that Mxyzptlk just say his name backwards and return to his dimension and Kara was surprised that was the way to banish him. Mxyzptlk then made Kara an ultimatum, agree to marry him or he would unleash havoc upon the people of Earth. Mon-El went out and called Mxyzptlk out and challenged him to a fight.

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Mxyzptlk accepted and transported them to a theater where he conjured them pistols. Mon-El took his and immediately shot him though it did nothing. Mon-El then revealed that he took an energy dampener from the D. O that would render Mxyzptlk powerless. They fought hand to hand though Mxyzptlk managed to swipe the dampener from Mon-El and reversed it, giving him his powers back.

He bound Mon-El and was about to shoot him with a lead bullet but Kara arrived and agreed to marry him. Eventually Mon-El and Kara realized that the only way to defeat Mxy was to get him to say his name backwards, which they successfully did by putting the Fortress of Solitude on lockdown. Mxyzptlk began to panic and asked Kara to not do this. She revealed that there was a code to de-activate the self-destruct sequence.

They went to the control panel where she pointed out the buttons to punch in the code and Mxyzptlk managed to stop it before it was too late. He told Kara that all he wanted was to have someone love him but before he vanished she told him that love had to come and find him, not have it forced on anyone.

> The Full Story of Kara & Mon El [2x01 -3x23]

After Mr. Mxyzptlk was defeated, Mon-El and Kara began a romantic relationship. Kara initially wanted to keep it between the two, but Mon-El revealed it to everyone. While Jeremiah's family and Kara's friends were happy to have him back, Mon-El was the only one with suspicions, believing that rescuing Jeremiah was too easy.

The rest didn't appreciate, when he began directly accusing Jeremiah for fooling everyone, which caused Kara to throw him out. The next day, Mon-El talked to Winn and asked him to keep an eye out for him.

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Winn reluctantly agreed, and he learned that Jeremiah was accessing the DEO mainframe. He informed Mon-El and had Kara brought in to discuss in private. Initially Kara didn't want to listen, but when Mon-El and Winn informed her of Jeremiah's intrusion to the mainframe, Kara realized that Jeremiah may not be victim in the end.

Mon-El joined Kara and Alex at the site, but it turned out to be a hoax, and Mon-El's suspicions were proven correct, when Jeremiah accessed the mainframe unauthorized and escaped.

When does kara and mon el start dating

When Mon-El returned to Kara's apartment he comforted her, but they were both called back into action when it was discovered that Jeremiah stole the national alien registry. Kara attacked the Daxamite ship, but when Kara was defeated by it, Mon-El contacted the ship and surrendered. He was then taken by the Daxamites to the ship, but Kara came along.

Eventually, even though Mon-El attempts to apologize and be true to her from now on, Kara breaks up with him. Mon-El returns to his parents and denies to be the prince of Daxam anymore and returns to Earth. The next day at the DEO, a new prisoner is brought in. He puts Kara into a dream-like state and escapes to Earth-1 to catch the Flash.

Eventually Kara breaks free from her dream and, having learned a lesson from the dream, forgives Mon-El, restoring their relationship.

A bounty is put up on Supergirl, and Mon-El suspects his parents put it up. When he questions them they deny any involvement, but he is still suspicious. The following evening, Kara was getting upset as she had been told to lay low for 24 hours.

Nov 27,   If Mon-El's inquiry into Kara's relationship status on this week's Supergirl didn't raise your eyebrow, you might want to give that last scene a second look. Because, while we all figured. Right now Alex fills that role for Kara, but you'd expect kara to start leaning on whoever she's dating for that role and the only real contenders for "normal significant other" are Winn and Lena Luthor right now. If she does date mon-el they'll need to make room for the action, rhe dating, and the exposition of alien difficulties with Alex. May 06,   Supergirl's Kara and Mon-El are finally back in a good place, and few people are more thrilled than the actor who plays ex-boyfriend to the Girl of Steel. Ever since Kara and Mon-El's verbal.

James and Winn appreciated that Mon-El came to cool her off. Suddenly, a telepathic alien takes control of Mon-El's body and forced him to fight Kara, resulting in an apologetic fight, in which James assisted as a Guardian and Winn managed to subdue the alien with a stapler. The alien was brought to the DEO, and J'onn was able to break him with his telepathy, and he revealed, that the bounty on Supergirl was put up by Queen Rhea.

Kara wants to reason with Rhea but Mon-El is skeptical. The bounty is called off and although Lar Gand is happy to have Mon-El back, he is disappointed in Rhea, because he didn't know about the bounty.

Mon-El admits that he is happy that his parents are alive, but this'll be last time they will see him. He is able to swipe a keycard from Jack Spheerical in order for Kara to access his personal computer. Some time later, Mon-El is walking on the street, when he thinks he saw his mother, but only for a moment. He dismisses it, but tells Kara about it the next day.

However, his sighting is proven correct, when DEO is investigating strange energy spikes causing Phorians to lose control.

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They identify a device being constructed by Lena Luthor. Kara calls her, but instead Rhea answers. With Rhea's help, Lena has constructed a large transmatter portal. Rhea activates it and Mon-El, along with Kara and J'onn, attempt to stop her. Mon-El holds Rhea at gunpoint, but he is unable to kill his mother. They fail to close the portal and a large Daxamite fleet enters through the portal, beginning the Daxamite Invasion. Rhea takes Mon-El and Lena with her to the mothership, where she intends to marry the two.

However, Kara stays behind and only Mon-El escapes just before the ship is to be shot down with a positron cannon.

However, the shot doesn't happen and Kara is forced to fight Superman. After Kara fought against Superman while he was under the influence of Silver Kryptonite and beat him, Kara collapsed. She began to dream that she was back in her apartment with Mon-El. She then told him of the time that she left Krypton when her mother gave her necklace telling her that she would never be alone as she would always be in her daughter's dreams.

Mon-El then told her that she had to wake up as this wasn't real and she was at the Fortress. Mon-El was at the D.

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He then met her cousin Superman. They told him that they found something at the fortress that could stop Rhea and her invasion, Dakkam Ur. At once, Mon-El's eyes widened and he told Kara that it was a bad idea. Kara quickly contacted Rhea and formally requested to perform Dakkam Ur, or trial by combat. Should Kara win then Rhea and her invasion force will leave Earth but should Rhea win then Earth is hers.

Mon-El tried to talk Kara out of it and even suggested that Superman take over the fight because he had no faith in her; but Superman told Mon-El that Kara beat him which officially made her the champion of Earth and that she would win.

Mon-El reluctantly accepted that Kara was going to fight his mother. They had a fail safe device to use to stop the Daxamites which would release trace amounts of lead into the atmosphere and make it toxic to the Daxamites killing to the ones staying on Earth. They realized that this would mean that Mon-El would also be forced to leave the Earth.

Kara and Clark returned to the D. Clark said that he would probably survive a bit longer because he had been exposed to the yellow sun for months but he would need to leave Earth to survive.

Winn was sent to help Lena with the device. When it came time for the duel, he and Kara went to the meeting spot where Rhea appeared with a soldier.

He told Kara that he was there for her.

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Mon-El watched as Kara and his mother began fighting but soon after they started, the Daxamite army began to attack the city. Mon-El told Rhea that she had just shamed herself in the eyes of the gods for not following their sacred law and killing his father; which was the only reason he turned against her, but she claimed that the gods only cared about her victory. He then jumped off the building and left. They successfully beat the trained Daxamite soldiers who called him a traitor.

When Lena called the D. They realized that the invaders were about to destroy the city so he nodded, telling her to activate it. The lead was dispersed in the atmosphere and the Daxamites then started to retreat as they felt the effects and the ships began to leave the Earth and stranded Mon-El and his mother.

Rhea begged her son to save her but he glared at her and angrily asked if he should save her like she "saved" his father. Mon-El started to cough and wheeze and feel the effects of the atmosphere change. Kara asked Alex what to do and she said that they probably had a few minutes before he had to leave Earth.

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Kara then quickly took Mon-El to his pod so that he could escape while he was coughing and wheezing. Saddened, Kara tells Mon-El she loves him.

Mon-El then went into the pod as the effects worsened.

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While traveling in space, Mon-El gave a long sad look at Kara's necklace before a wormhole unexpectedly opened up right in his direct course. He barely had any time to react to this as his pod flew into it and he was whisked away to an unknown space.

The wormhole then closed up behind him. The wormhole that Mon-El entered was actually what is known as a "disturbance" which propelled him forward in time, he arrived back on planet Earth but in the 31st century. There, he was administered a cure to his allergy to lead which was developed by L-Corp about years after he had left. According to Imra, during the time Mon-El was in the 31st century, he wouldn't look at another woman for years and mostly kept to himself until he finally gave up on finding a way back to the 21st century.

Mon-El saw the chaos and problems that the Earth was having in the 31st century and he used Supergirl as inspiration to rally all the powered people he met into a group of heroes and led them in their mission to protect the Earth and beyond. After a time, he fell in love with and married Imra. The Legion learned of a world that was dying and they retrieved the data to save it against the dark threat it was under and hid it in their DNA for safe keeping.

They then took off in their ship to save that world but got hurled into a wormhole and they ended up thrown back in time and crashed on Earth over 12, years in the past. They could not find a way to return to the future and realized that their only choice was to enter hyper-sleep and wade out time until they returned to their proper century.

They waited out in the bedrock and set the ship's system to wake them from their cryotubes when it was the right time. When the ship's defenses were activated, Mon-El awoke and quickly saw that there were intruders. He took a blaster and fired a warning shot while yelling at them in Saturnian.

He then saw that it was Kara, J'onn and Winn. He was taken to the D. He gave vague answers to all of them about where he had been and what he had been doing on the ship until Kara shooed everyone away so that he could get time and space to rest. Kara told him that he had been gone for seven months which shocked him.

After he had rested enough, he snuck out of the med bay to steal a power source from the D. He beat them up badly but was quickly attacked by Kara and then thrown into a cell. She began to wonder if it was really him and Mon-El told her that it was.

She wondered what had happened to him and he responded simply with a lot. She couldn't understand how he had changed so much and started to beat herself up for hoping as a human would, which he absorbed all in silence. He was then visited by Winn, and though he expected not to get any answers from Mon-El, he told him that he was trying anyway.

Mon-El told him that he needed Winn's help as a friend to return to the ship. Winn initially refused but Mon-El quickly told him that if he didn't get back then a lot of people, including Kara, would be in danger. Winn freed him from the cell and went with him back to the ship with the power source he had tried to steal before.

He checked the other pods to see if they were still working but they were stumbled upon by Kara. She wondered why Mon-El was so different after only seven months but he informed her that he was gone for seven years. He explained about his trip to the future and that he had been living on Earth in the future.

Kara accused Mon-El of forgetting about her even though he was still wearing her necklace. But an alert sounded that the life support to the pods was failing.

He managed to reroute power to all but one of them. He saw that it was Imra's pod and that she was drowning. He rushed to break it open but couldn't as it was pure dwarf glass.

Feb 28,   50+ videos Play all Mix - Supergirl 2x14 - Kara & Mon-El - opening scene (kiss scene) YouTube F.R.I.E.N.D.S Bloopers Part Two - Duration: . Valentine's Day in National City doesn't go as planned, but in the end, Kara and Mon-El finally manage to share their first kiss. Mar 30,   The Flash Season 3 Episode17 Clip. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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